Üheskoos meie organisatsiooniga saavad Sulle osaks uued kogemused, Sa avastad senitundmatuid kultuure, Sa õpid ja jagad. Continuous Action pakub Sulle võimalusi muutuste elluviimiseks.


European Voluntary Service project Culture on the Way has begun! 13 EVS volunteers from different countries will collaborate with several organizations and hostels along the Saint James Way in Spain. Financed by the European Commission through the Youth in Action Programme and Xunta de Galicia, this project aims to promote the values related to Saint James Way (solidarity, effort, self improvement, active citizenship, environmental preservation, etc.) and its European dimension.

The volunteers will be located in several places along the way, some of them will be collaborating with hostels and some in youth centers and NGOs, but all of them will contribute to make a bit easier the way of the pilgrims, and they will also participate and organize several cultural and educational activities in their towns.

One of the volunteers - Andres Kurismaa (in Arzua) is sent by Continuous Action.

Read more about the project from the blog. This blog aims to open this project to everyone that could be interested in Saint James Way. Volunteers will bring information about the Way and what is going on in the towns along the Way, as well as share the stories of some of the thousands of pilgrims.

If you are a pilgrim or you are thinking in doing Saint James Way in next months, you might find EVS volunteers in your Way! 

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