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Youth exchange „Health & You-th“ 15-26.08.2017 - Rustavi, Georgia

Look back to the summer 2017: Youth exchange „Health & You-th“, 15-26.08.2017 - Rustavi, Georgia

Youth exchange project „Health & You-th“ brought together 40 young people from Armenia, Georgia, Lithuania and Estonia in Rustavi, 4th largest city in Georgia, to learn about and share their experience on healthy lifestyle and consumerism. 
During various workshops like growing crops, pilates, yoga, conscious consumerism, hiking, Erasmus+ programme ect and team building exercises, participants learned a lot about themselves, but also gained new a lot of knowledge as well. 
It was about exploring yourself through others, through workshops and through the nature.  

Project was coordinated by Continuous Action in cooperation with other partners from Georgia, Lithuania and Armenia and funded from
Erasmus+ programme

Project left great impact in each participants heart and some participants have written down their thoughts:

Madis Voitk:
Once upon a time there was a youth exchange in a far away land. “Far away land” in this case meaning Rustavi, Georgia and “once upon a time” meaning August 2017. People from 4 different countries (Estonia, Lithuania, Armenia and Georgia) gathered for a lovely soviet reunion and discussed a variety of topics from health and wellbeing to social issues and employment. We did different workshops, practiced theater, grew seedlings, saw a Tesla, tried out pilates, hiked up huge mountains (or hills, as the locals called them), explored the interesting urban landscapes of Rustavi, Thbilisi and Mtshketa and had a traditional Georgian culture night with frequent toasts. 
All in all, the international communication was amazing, we all learned a lot, made a lot of new friends and gained new experiences in Georgia. And the Estonian group also managed to be unbelievably awesome travel companions! A big thanks to organisations - Continuous Action for sending us and Youth For The World for receiving us. Special thanks to Erasmus+ programme and SA Archimedes Noorteagentuur for providing the money.

Marine Hovhannisyan:
I have lots of positive sides to mention about the “Health&You-th” YE. Firstly I would like to mention that each day of the YE was different from the previous day activities and interesting. Indoor and outdoor activities were balanced perfectly not to tire the participants physically or bore mentally. Daily Pilates and yoga sessions were keeping the participants active, were energizing them, and I heard a lot of positive feedbacks on this from all the participants. Mostly I liked how the organizers were guiding the mood of the group: every time the participants were down or tired, some a cool activity, something unexpected was happening (for example the firework, “holi” fest), that all the participants were forgetting their complains, and the mood was changing 180 degree to positive. This was really cool! 
This was one of the greatest projects I had. Thanks!

Stephan Kakasyan:
In reality the project exceeded my expectations. I applied for the project to hike and reveal for myself the regions of Georgia I haven’t seen yet and also to get more information about the healthy lifestyle. I got it all from the project. For me was something new to learn about Pilates, that I didn’t have any idea about and wouldn’t learn if I didn’t participate in the project. The selection of the participants was great, I liked mostly the Estonian team, that was amazing as a group itself and also as a part of the all the group. From the organizational part I liked mostly the time management, and especially I couldn’t guess when the organizers manage to prepare the sessions. Everything was great! Thank you!

Mariam Gumashyan:
I want to say huge thank to all dear leaders of the program! I have participated in some international programs but I haven't got the high quality and the big attention as from this one. Thank you to the leaders of each group for your attention. We had lots of non-formal activities which were very impressing. Thank you for organizing everything so well. From this program I will take with me my new and great friends, lots of knowledge about different cultures and tons of sweet memories.

Meline Asryan:
"Health and Youth" youth exchange was the greatest closing event of the summer that I could ever imagine. The twelve days that we were in beautiful Georgia made significant input to my life. Being designed by competent youth workers, the project was full of various interesting activities and workshops which raised an awareness of an important topic such as healthy lifestyle and taught to be a better team member. All in all, this YE can be described with the help of one word: positivity. The positive and motivating atmosphere that existed at the time made it unforgettable and valuable for me. So, once again I want to thank all the beautiful people who stand behind the creation of this project. 

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