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Year 2020

2020 was full of challenges, but despite of difficulties, we still carried out several local and international activities. Most of the projects were funded from European Solidarity Corps, as many Erasmus+ programme projects were postponed to 2021. 

In 2020 we had: 
  • 2 youth exchanges carried out by our Polish and French partners. One exchange was done virtually. See the list of youth exchanges here
  • 3 different training activities carried out by our Finnish, French and German partners. One training activity was done virtually. See the list of training activities here
Additionally, 36 participants took part in volunteering activities that were either short-term, long-term or group volunteering. Our youth were hosted by partners in Hungary, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Austria, Germany, Georgia and Republic of Moldova. 

Many projects were initiated and carried out in collaboration with Rückenwind network partners, other long-term partners and our local partners. 
In addition to the international projects and cooperation with different European organizations we continued cooperating with Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and University of Tallinn, as well as with other local organizations around Estonia. Furthermore, in 2020 we celebrated our 15th birthday. Last, but not least, we continued with our “Café of Experiences” meetings and had some virtual info-events too. 
WORLD IS FULL OF OPPORTUNITIES and we hope we can offer more of them in 2021!
If you are interested in cooperating with us, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail info@continuousaction.ee

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