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Take part in Online talk: volunteering

We invite you to an online-event about in-country volunteering on Thursday 25th of February 2021. The event is free of charge, but requires pre-registration (see below how to register).

The online talk: volunteering will be dedicated to various volunteering opportunities in Estonia. During the talk, the following topics are addressed: 
  • What is volunteering? What can Continuous Action offer? Who can take part in in-country volunteering? Where to volunteer?
  • Experience sharing with one member of the European network Europeers, one ex-in-country volunteer, and one young youth worker (who hosts in-country volunteers).
  • Practical details of volunteering (such as amount of volunteering hour per week, allowances, length of in-country volunteering…) and answering the questions from the participants.
The event will be done in Zoom and led by Arthur who is currently volunteering at Continuous Action. The language of the event is English.

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Register as soon as possible, but latest 23.02.2021. 

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