Üheskoos meie organisatsiooniga saavad Sulle osaks uued kogemused, Sa avastad senitundmatuid kultuure, Sa õpid ja jagad. Continuous Action pakub Sulle võimalusi muutuste elluviimiseks.

Volunteering vacancies in Estonia

NGO Continuous Action is coordinating an European Solidarity Corps partnership project "Unified Actions"  for period 2019-2021 offering several volunteering placements in Estonia and abroad. 

In 2021 we offer 3 vacancies for international volunteers to come to Estonia and volunteer for different hosting organisations. 

NB! The exact starting date of the project is agreed together with the volunteer and hosting organisation taking into account the restrictions and different measures in Estonia. The starting times of the projects might be affected by COVID-19. 

Hosting organisation's searching for volunteers are: 

Viljandi County kindergarten "Päikesekiir" 
September 2021-June 2022 (10-months) in Päri, Viljandi, Estonia 
Volunteers hosted: 1 
Päikesekiir is a kindergarten that offers pre-school activities for kids aged 1.5-7. The organisation has done several local projects for kids and is actively searching new ways how to be engaged with local community. The kindergarten is well-known in the area and community is small so every new volunteer is warmly welcomed. 
Read a short introduction of the hosting organisation. Read also a description in ESC portal.
Applications are closed!

Tarvastu Open Youth Center 
October 2021-June/July 2022 (10-months) in Mustla, Viljandi, Estonia 
Volunteers hosted: 1 
Tarvastu Open Youth Center offers leisure time activities for youth aged 7-26. The hosting organisation is actively running different activities such as table tennis, table football, biljard and encourages youth to take part in other board games. In addition, youth center has its own band room what can be used for music production or rehesals. The center hosts up to 20 youth a day. 
Read also a description in ESC portal and short infopack

Kolga-Jaani School 
September 2021-June 2022 (10-months) in Kolga-Jaani, Viljandi, Estonia 
Volunteers hosted: 1 
Kolga-Jaani School is a secondary school that operates near country's second biggest lake Võrtsjärve (15km). The school offers basic education for youth aged 7-16. The School works very closely with local community and offers also several leisure time activities for youth (e.g. access to sporting facilities). 
Read also a description in ESC portal and short infopack of the  activities

Are you interested in volunteering? Send your video-CV and short motivation letter to vabatahtlik@continuousaction.ee as soon as possible, but latest on 12.09.2021  (last call for Tarvastu and Kolga-Jaani)  or apply via European Solidarity Corps portal. 

These projects are organised under the partnership project "Unified Actions". The supporting organisation is NGO Continuous Action that holds the roles as coordinating and supporting organisation. Preparation for the project is done by the supporting organisation. In addition, the activities and management is supported by Viljandi County Government. 

NB! All volunteers have a chance to work together as some activities might be shared despite the main activities are run by 3 different hosting organisations. The volunteers are expected to share their accommodation with eachother. 

The participation in European Solidarity Corps volunteering activity is available to a person aged 18-30. There are no additional costs charged by the organisations to take part in volunteering activity. Travel costs are reimbursed to the participant based on the budget and funding rules of European Solidarity Corps programme. Additionally, participant receives pocket money that varies between countries. 


*Unified Actions is funded by Estonian National Agency Erasmus+ ja Euroopa Solidaarsuskorpus Agentuur by the European Solidarity Corps programme. 

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