Together with our organization you gain new experiences, you discover other cultures, you learn and you share. It is Continuous Action to provide the opportunities to make a change.

Partnership with our organization for Erasmus+ projects

We would like to be your Sending Partner from Estonia who will support you during all the stages of preparation, implementation and dissemination of Erasmus+ KA1, KA2, and KA3 project proposals, which you are going to apply for Erasmus+ deadline. Continuous Action is also EVS accredited sending and coordinating organisation.

Contact Making Event "Connect the DOTS" in Armenia

NGO Continuous Action was a partner for the Contact Making Event "Connect the DOTS" that was held in Gyumri, Armenia from 10-18th of May 2018. Read more about the project details.

Youth Exchange "Olympic Spirit for Peacebuilding" in Greece

The project «Olympic Spirit for Peacebuilding-O Ολυμπιςμόσ για την Eδραίωςη τησ Eιρήνησ (OLYMPISM)» was a transnational initiative organized and coordinated by ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SOCIAL ECONOMY GROUP (E.K.O.) in the context of the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Youth Exchange programs. Continuous Action sent 6 youth and 1 group leader to take part of the activities.

A new project is coming - youth exchange "Olympic Spirit for Peacebuilding" in Greece

Our partner E.K.O. (Greece) is coordinating a transnational initiative in early spring in Athens, Greece. The project «Olympic Spirit for Peace building» («OLYMPISM») involves young people aged 18-30. The participants will come from 8 different countries (Greece, Estonia, Malta, Israel, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia and Turkey). In total, Fifty-seven (57) young people aged 18-30, plus their group leader will participate in the project.

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