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Rahvusvaheline seminar "Behind youth work" 13.09-20.09.2014 Pesaros, Itaalias

Meie hea partnerorganisatsioon Vicolocorto Itaaliast, on juba eeloleval sügisel korraldamas oma kodulinnas Pesaros rahvusvahelist seminari "Behind youth work". 
Korraldajate soov on tõsta noorsootöö kvaliteeti läbi noorsootöötajate ja noortega töötavate inimeste teadmiste, oskuste ja kompetentsi tõstmise ning nimetatud teemadele ka seminar keskendub.

Seminari toimumise kuupäevad: 13.09-20.09.2014 Pesaro, Itaalia.
Seminarile oodatakse osalema 24 osalejat, sh 4 osalejat Eestist. 
Loe lähemalt seminari kohta siitTutvu ka seminari programmiga.
Osalustasu: 225 € (sisaldab reisikulude omaosalust, kindlustust, ettevalmistust ja järeltegevusi).

Koolitusel osalemise tingimused:

- vanus 18+;
- huvi koolituse teema vastu ning soov arendada koostööd saatva organisatsiooniga MTÜ Continuous Action.

Majutus, toitlustus ja programm on korraldatud ning kaetud 100% korraldajate poolt ning rahastatud Euroopa Noored programmi Itaalia büroo poolt. 

Koolitus toimub inglise keeles.

Kandideerimine projekti on lõppenud!

Behind the Youth Work
Seminar / Conference
13-20 September 2014 | Pesaro, Italy
The seminar aims to improve the quality of the youth work developing knowledge, competences and ability that will support the youth work with a more inclusive approach towards youngsters with fewer opportunities.
The international seminar “Behind the youth work” will gather 24 active youth volunteers and youth worker from 6 countries in Pesaro (Italy) from 13th to 20th September 2014. The project aims to improve the quality of the youth work developing knowledge, competences and ability that will support the youth work with a more inclusive approach towards youngsters with fewer opportunities.
Participants will get familiar with the terminology and tools in inclusive youth work, analysing the meaning of fewer opportunities, problems and obstacles that youngster can face in their life and it will give the opportunity to elaborate creative tools to use in their youth work at local level.
They will discover how to use Erasmus+ as a tool for Inclusion of youngsters and how to recognize their learning outcomes and to transfer it also out of non formal education context and into the job market.
The project will use non formal education methods and it will based on active participation balancing theoretical input with practical ones (learning by doing, simulations, etc.).

Aim and Objectives
This seminar is for youth workers, youth leaders and their organizations who would like to reflect about youth work values, concepts and main aim and to gain new skills and knowledge to make their work more inclusive towards young people with fewer opportunities.
The objectives of the seminar:
- To increase knowledge and competencies about inclusive youth work
- To increase competencies in NFE and how to practice them in youth field
- To stimulate personal involvement and act as multipliers in own communities for more “inclusive society”
- To provide concrete tools and methods in inclusive youth work
- To inspire participants to adopt more inclusive approach in their work
- To strengthen the collaboration and cooperation on European level

This Seminar is


for 24 participants
from Austria, Estonia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey
and recommended for
Youth workers, Youth leaders, Project managers, People who are working with young people with fewer opportunities (e.g., disabled young people, people from rural areas, economically less developed areas, migrants, minority groups and so on) on local, national or international level

Working language(s):

VICOLOCORTO is a non-political, non profitable youth cultural association, based in Pesaro, Italy. It is specialized in youth work and it operates in fields of non-formal and extra-school education; intercultural learning; promotion of youth mobility and youth participation; study and research of youth policies and activities. Therefore VICOLOCORTO focused in its programs on empowering youth to reinforce their role in building Italian civil society and European citizenship. The Association also promote and spread the artistic and environmental culture, through the contacts between people, public institutions and associations, and realize events.
Since 2006 we have taken part to more than 200 youth projects, and we have hosted and coordinated 16 youth projects under the Youth in Action and Leonardo Da Vinci programmes. 
Since 2009 we are active as European Voluntary Service Sending Organisation, having sent more than 50 volunteers so far.
Since 2012 we are also Hosting and Coordination Organisation for EVS, having hosted so far 13 long term volunteers.
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