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Project 'DesignLAB Orissa'

DesignLAB Orissa project took place in partnership between 4 organizations from 1st of October, 2013 to 30th September, 2014.  
NGO Continuous Action (Estonia) partnered up with the leading design organization INDEX (Denmark), an inspiring example of youth volunteering–Bakul Foundation (India), and NGO CHILDREN-Nepal to explore together how design thinking can be employed in youth work and social innovation by youth. The main objective of the project was to increase youth participation and cooperation in the youth field in The Baltic Sea region and Southern Asia by building the capacity of young people and youth organizations to use design thinking and tools in addressing challenges in their communities and empowering them to act as multipliers.

The project had 4 phases:

PREPARE (October 2013-January 2014): kick-off meeting and training of trainers in Tallinn, Estonia; participant recruitment, and formation of local teams;
TRAIN (4th to 23rd February 2014): Design To Improve Life workshop in Bhubaneshwar, India;
PRACTICE AND MULTIPLY (March-July 2014): participants carried out projects in their local communities;
WRAP-UP (August-September 2014): project book and documentary videos, final meeting of partners in Tallinn, Estonia, project evaluation and reporting.
As a result of the project:
- 6 youth educators trained in Design to Improve Life method and able to act as experts in their countries;
- 26 young people and youth workers have acquired the new skills and the experience of developing solutions in multicultural teams to social issues in a local community in India;
- Workshop participants have acted as multipliers in their own communities, carrying out their projects resulting in 12 local project and actions involving at least 550 participants. In addition during the workshop in India a large number of local residents were involved.
- Project book, website designlab.ee and short documentary movie clips are the products that summarize the method and provide case studies to spread the experience of employing methodology by youth and in context youth work and civil society;
- The capacity and cooperation of organisations is increased, they have acquired new tools to develop and implement projects with greater impact and greater participation. The young people directly involved are empowered and inspired to act as social innovators, initiating change in in their communities and beyond.

DesignLAB Orissa project was co-funded by the European Commission with 91 000 euros and by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Development Cooperation programme.


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