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Civil Involvement of European Youth by Entrepreneurship and Social business

"Civil Involvement of European Youth by Entrepreneurship and Social business" (C-EYES) is an innovative project to exchange and promote practices in youth entrepreneurship and social business with 10 youth organisations from Europe. 

The consortium of partners involved in the project is composed of 9 countries: France - eurasia net as lead partner and coordinator, Estonia - Continuous ActionSlovenia (2), Croatia, Romanian, Italy, Spain and Greece + Switzerland as a partners outside Erasmus + program. 

C-EYES promotes mobility of youth and youth workers and
 pro-active citizenship by: 

- sharing and creating tools between European youth workers to promote a sense of initiatives and entrepreneurship methods among young people. 

- Sharing innovative ideas from different European countries in social businesses practices initiated by youth. 

The project aims to: 

• Share practices on self-employment, youth entrepreneurship and social business 

• Fight youth unemployment by entrepreneurship in European countries 

• Inspire youth and youth workers and transfer creativity by sharing social business best practices 

• Stimulate entrepreneur’s skills for youth workers and youth to promote entrepreneurship 

• Promote social business as a resource for sustainable development 

• Foster European active citizenship through youth initiative in social business 

• Raise young people’s awareness of European sustainable development policies 

• Setting up a European cooperation network of entrepreneurship in social business 

• Give youth workers entrepreneurship tools and promote social business entrepreneurship practices among young people.

Project video.

Read more about the project.

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