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Contact Making Event "Connect the DOTS" in Armenia

We are the partner for Contact Making Event "Connect the DOTS" that is held in Gyumri, Armenia from 10-18th of May 2018 with the partners from Armenia, Germany, Estonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Georgia, The Netherlands, Moldova, Russian Federation, Italy, Spain and Belarus. 

This project is designed to enhance knowledge, transfer instrumental tools and methods to EVS Coordinators and Mentors to work productively with EVS Volunteers in terms of raising their competitiveness in labour market.

The aim of the contact making event is to foster cooperation between EVS Organizations in Europe aiming at increased quality and innovation in EVS through the exchange of good practices.

Look the photos of activities from YIC - Youth Initiative Center social media.

The project was submitted and coordinated by Kultur Activ e.V. from Germany in cooperation with YIC - Youth Initiative Center.

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