mid-September/October 2022 - August 2023

7 volunteering activities in Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

7 youth centres in Tallinn are looking for volunteers.

7 volunteering activities in Tallinn, Estonia

Continuous Action in cooperation with Tallinn Education Department is looking for 7 volunteers to youth centres accross Tallinn, Estonia. The duration of the volunteering period is 11-months, starting mid-September/October 2022 until August 2023.

Read more about the hosting organisations:

All volunteers are selected and calls are closed! The volunteers come from Germany, France, Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine.

In case of questions please turn to support organisation in coordinating role NGO Continuous Action by writing vabatahtlik@continuousaction.ee.

Volunteering activities are for all youth aged 18-30. There are no additional fees asked by organisations when taking part in the project – trainings, living costs, food money and insurance is 100% funded. Travel cost to/from your home country to Estonia is calculated based on the travelled distance and is refunded according to European Solidarity Corps programme rules. Additionally, volunteers receive pocket money that is in Estonia 4€/per day.

*This project has been funded with support from Erasmus+ ja Euroopa Solidaarsuskorpuse agentuur European Solidarity Corps programme.

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