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AMICUS Preparatory Action SIDUR

The AMICUS Preparatory Action “SIDUR” was a project aiming at exploring, developing and promoting the possibilities of voluntary actions at local level from one side, and to identify local volunteers and find placements for them in different activities in other EU countries, from the other side, in order to promote the active participation of young people and raise the awareness towards the civic service and voluntarism.


The program AMICUS was financed by the European Commission and consists of 3 different activities related to civic service and (international) voluntary work:

  1. Information and awareness raising
  2. Research and evaluation activities
  3. Volunteering activities, undertaken by young people within the European Union
In the frame of the third activity, in the end of year 2009 and in the beginning of 2010 eleven Estonian young people were participating in the international voluntary actions in Italy, Spain, Sweden, Portugal and Romania. They were followed by another eleven young Estonians in April-May 2010 who were working as volunteers in Hungary, Italy, Spain and Latvia.

To summarise and evaluate the experience the AMICUS volunteers gained through the project, they wrote fairytales and articles and created comics in the end of the project. There was also compiled a research and evaluation report to describe the national context of volunteering and its impact on transnational civic service and volunteering, and also to evaluate specifically the local and transnational voluntary activities of young people in the context of SIDUR project. Read and take a look: